Award Winning Wines

Our current medal winners are:

Redneck Red won Silver Medals at both the California State Fair and The San Francisco Chronicle competitions.

Barrel Aged Merlot won a Silver at the San Francisco Chronicle Competition, and a Best of Region.

Kays Syrah Shiraz won a Gold medal and best of Region  at the California State Fair, and a Bronze medal at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

Tres Rojas won a Silver Medal at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

Lassen PeakWinery


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Our 42 acres of organic and

biodynamic vineyards share the land with deer, turkeys, bobcats, quail, and all of natures creatures. Native grasses, clovers, and other cover crops protect the volcanic soils  from erosion on our steep sloping terrain perfectly suited for growing our varieties of wine grapes 

  We have lived on this land, planted wine grapes, made wines, raised two great sons, and now a grand son since 1981. Our first wine vintage from this property was a wonderful 1985 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Our Vineyards

Our family and ongoing commitment

Wines with attitude from altitude

Our award winning wines are handcrafted in small lots grown on our 70 acre mountain estate in the Inwood Valley AVA from 2400' to 2900' elevation. We are just minutes from Lassen National Park in beautiful Northern California